Learn more about SouthernTier Basement Systems LLC.'S recent work requests in Binghamton, NY
Vicinity of North Road in Binghamton
I have a finished basement and am having a "small" water problem. It wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't a finished basement, but I had to tear up part of the laminate floor from water damage. The water only comes in when it rains REALLY hard. And it's not a lot of water, but enough to ruin a laminate floor (which doesn't take much). It's also only in one very small area. I'm guessing that the water is coming in from where the wall meets the floor, but I can't be sure because the walls are drywalled (no damage to walls). I first need to figure out what the problem is. And I'm not sure if you can do that or not without tearing thing up. Thanks!
Vicinity of Theresa Blvd in Binghamton
We moved into our split level home 4.5 years ago. The lower level has always had a bit of an odor, but the home inspector assured us that the air quality is good. Very recently the down stairs has taken on a very "musty" odor which has me concerned. My work schedule will not allow me to take a phone call until later in the afternoon. Email might be better if someone is able to reply. Thank you
Vicinity of Poplar Hill Rd in Binghamton
Mold and water issues in basement
Vicinity of Schiller Street in Binghamton
Basement fills with water during heavy rainfall. Would like a free estimate on how to have this issue resolved. At times (such as this past week) section of basement contained upwards to 2-3inches of water on floor
Vicinity of Hillcrest Ave in Binghamton
Foundation cinder blocks are cracking
Vicinity of Moore Ave in Binghamton
Leaking cracked walls in basement
Vicinity of Home Avenue in Binghamton
A corner of my basement seeps and leaks after rain. The paint is blistering and some cinder blocks are spongy. I need an estimate to apply for a home loan.
Vicinity of Westland Ct in Binghamton
Recent appearance of water on the basement floor - appears to be coming through the foundation. The leak is slow but ongoing.
Vicinity of Springer Road in Binghamton
The support beams in our (un-finished) basement are rotting and need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Dickinson Ave in Binghamton
Bowing cracked basement wall
Vicinity of Nowlan Road in Binghamton
Hi. I have a "wet & leaky" basement. Foundation is block. Waterproofing seems to have been used over the years but that is deteriorating and coming off. Have a sump pump. Also, there appears to have been some sort of floor drainage around the interior edge of basement. House is approximately 1200 square feet. Thanks. Elizabeth Tracy
Vicinity of Hand Road in Binghamton
Water seeped through the foundation into the basement. It is contained to the corner of the house. It is a finished basement so the rug got wet. I vacuumed up the water, and I am trying to air out the carpet. There is a strong odor that is not going away. I noticed mold on the plastered wall that I sprayed with Clorox. I have this problem off and on. Not sure exactly where the leak is. I would like to make an appointment for someone to come out and assess the problem and provide an estimate. Thank you. Brian
Vicinity of Millard Avenue in Binghamton
Dear Sir/Ma'am, Even though I have used dry lock paint and the water coming into the basement has been reduced it still has moisture problems. I would like a quote for a french drain and waterproofing the basement so it can be finished. thank you! Rachel
Vicinity of Matthews St in Binghamton
Looking to waterproof our basement before refinishing
Vicinity of Theresa Blvd in Binghamton
I have a crack in my basement wall and water has been getting I. I would like repaired
Vicinity of Bigelow St in Binghamton
I have ground water coming up through the basement floor and would like to get a sump pump installed. Thank you.
Vicinity of Rowe Ave in Binghamton
We are finishing our basement. Need the appropriate system to insulate walls and moisture prevention.
Vicinity of Murray St in Binghamton
Water leaks around where floor meets wall.
Vicinity of S. Washington Street in Binghamton
Basements takes on water when the yard is saturated.
Vicinity of Jackson St in Binghamton
Interested in sump pump installation in basement and crawl space vapor barrier.