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Expert basement waterproofing, crawl space repair & foundation wall repair in Ithaca, NY

Southern Tier Basement Systems is your expertly trained contractor providing elite basement waterproofing, foundation wall repair, crawl space repair, mold treatment, insulation and sump pump services in Ithaca, NY. With excellent customer support, superior products and expert craftsmanship we produce long-lasting, durable results that restore home security, beauty and value. 

Backed by the renowned Basement Systems Network, we have access to patented products with proven quality, used in over 200,000 basements since 1987. We are among over 300 independently owned and operated dealers that span across the United States and Canada, all who Basement Systems' shares their research, methods and products.

Call today to receive a FREE, no-obligation quote in Ithaca, NY for any of our expert basement waterproofing, foundation wall repair, crawl space repair, mold treatment, insulation and sump pump solutions.

Leaky basement repair with waterproofing solutions

Wet basement floors, leaking or damp basement walls, musty odors, pooling or standing water are just some of the signs your Ithaca, NY home has wet basement issues. The contractors at Southern Tier Basement Systems have the proven solutions to turn your musty, damp basement into a dry, secure below-grade space.

Our patented basement waterproofing solutions:

  • Sump pumps
  • Drainage systems
  • Waterproof flooring
  • Wall solutions
  • Egress windows & wells
  • Replacement windows & wells
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Downspout extensions
  • Wall crack repair
  • Anti-freeze discharge device

As a member of the Basement Systems network, our elite crew has access to training, patented products and basement waterproofing solutions. With over 300 independently owned and operated contractors across the United States and Canada, we among some of the best minds and methods in the basement waterproofing industry, with innovative research, best practices and products tested and proven to work.

We offer FREE estimates and inspections for all our wet basement repair services!

Crawl space repair & encapsulation in Ithaca, NY

An impaired crawl space that is growing mold, rotting away or experiencing structural problems can extend to every part of your Ithaca, NY home. We at Southern Tier Basement Systems have reliable solutions that not only restore your home but prevent your crawl space from experiencing further damage.

Our crawl space repair services & products include:

  • Energy-efficient dehumidifiers
  • Smart jacks
  • Structural repair solutions
  • Vapor barrier
  • Crawl space winterization
  • Thermal insulation

Drywall cracks, uneven floors or foul odors are just some of the signs your home is experiencing crawl space issues. We have the repair and encapsulation services that will provide long-lasting results and protection.

Foundation wall stabilizing & repair

Some of the telltale signs of foundation wall issues include stair-step cracking, diagonal cracks, inward bowing or bulging walls, walls that are leaning or wet soil around the home. Your foundation plays a critical role in the preservation of the entire structure of your Ithaca, NY home, that is why Southern Tier Basement Systems provides durable solutions that will restore foundation walls and prevent further damage.

Our foundation wall repair solutions include:

  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall crack repair
  • Bowing wall repair
  • CarbonArmor® wall stitches
  • Geo-Lock™ wall anchor system
  • PowerBrace™ wall repair system

Our foundation wall repair and stabilizing solutions will provide durable, long-lasting results that will go on to protect your home's structure for years to come. We provide FREE foundation repair quotes and inspections in Ithaca, NY!

Mold control & treatment solutions

Mold and dust mites can easily spread throughout your home, cause damage and increase health issues, like increased allergy and asthma symptoms. Common mold issues include standard mold, dust mites, black mold, wood root and decay. At Southern Tier Basement Systems we provide solutions for controlling mold, dust mites, rot and home humidity to prevent their return.

Once your home is treated, by sealing and waterproofing your basement or crawl space can further protect your home against mold, dust mites and rot.

Ithaca basement waterproofing, crawl space repair & foundation wall repair services

Southern Tier Basement Systems is proud to offer superior basement waterproofing, foundation wall repair, crawl space repair, mold treatment, insulation and sump pump services to our Ithaca, NY community that not only enhances home security and appearance, but also restores value and provides long-lasting protection.

As a member of the Basement Systems network, we are backed by an expansive contracting community filled with hundreds of dealers who share their knowledge and best practices with each other. 

When you work with Southern Tier Basement Systems, you are working with contractors who are committed to restoring your basement, crawl space and foundation with elite products, courteous customer service and expert craftsmanship. We offer FREE quotes and inspections with our superior solutions, call 1-833-382-9820 or click below to schedule yours today!

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Combat a Wet Basement with these Basement Waterproofing Solutions
We've all heard about the negative effects of wet basements, particularly mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew can cause a variety of health issues, including but not limited to breathing problems, allergies, headaches, and eye and nose irritation.... [Read more]
Three Reasons Basement Waterproofing is a Must for New Yorkers
Do you try to avoid your damp, dark basement at all cost? Do you believe there's mold or mildew growing in the lower levels of your home? Do the walls of your basement have visible cracks? Are you worried about your basement flooding every time your town receives a heavy rain?... [Read more]
Work Requests From Ithaca, NY
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Lat 1800s house with a wet basement, interested in waterproofing, is replacement and creating a finished space a viable option?
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Need someone to look at crawlspace for possible repair issue.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
We have two sump pumps in the back room of our basement and they handle ground water seepage. After two major storms, we had some ground water seepage in the front room of the basement, where the boiler and hot water heater are located. We are considering getting a new basin and sump pump installed in that room since we live in a flood zone A. Would like your take on how to approach this project.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
I was in the basement to get out our Christmas stuff over the weekend (Sunday, 27 Nov, a rainy day) and I noticed that the room under our mudroom had a damp floor. It seems that one corner has a leak and some of the (badly installed) insulation has fallen off the boards due to the leak. Hoping that it's a simple fix and then we'll need to reinstall the insulation. Thanks! Marion
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Our concrete basement floor needs replacing or repairing; and we do get some water in the basement. Can someone come to give us a free estimate, ideally in the morning, though some afternoons are possible? Thanks.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
We are loooking for 2 egress windows in our poured concrete basement
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Foundation crack repair
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
We recently purchased a house and it has some wet spots in the basement. We'd like to figure out the sources and how to mitigate it, thanks! -Sarah
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
I.moved into my house in March and the basent smelled fine. It has started to smell musty in the last month. I see small amounts of mildew. I want to prevent a problem before it gets bigger.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
The water level under our house got one or two inches higher this spring and it led to the water seeping through the floor in the corner of the boiler room in the basement. Our house does not have and never had a sump pump so the installation should include everything from the basin to the pipes that drive water outside. There is a drainage output near the house wall that the pipes could be connected to.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
I would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate somtimes in August. The crawl space is less than 1000 Sqt and will need some work with vapor barries, dehumidifier and drainage.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Water seeping into basement where it was previously not enough to be problem but now is.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Hello, I would like an estimate for a crawlspace please.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
I have some cracks in the basement floor and when we get a lot of rain dampness comes through the cracks. I don't know if there's some sort of sealant that would stop this or if something else would be needed.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Water issue in basement
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Water seeping into floor along a wall in the boiler room in the basement.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Basement flooding more severe and frequent than previous years.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
I have two problems: My sump pump doesn't work reliably. If the float migrates to the left, the pump fails to turn on. If the float is forced to remain to the right, the pump works as it should. I have a small leak in the basement wall, apparently near the base of the wall. Panelling hides precisely where the leak is. The leak occurs only after a heavy rain, when maybe two or three gallons of water may enter. No leaks between rains. This leak is across the room from the sump pump. A cracked concrete foundation block above the leak may be a contributing factor.
Project Location: Ithaca, NY
Som water getting into our basement when it rains hard
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